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The best escort template is here….

Why Our Escort Platform ?

Modern escort web design

The modular structure and the modern
layout fits to all devices.

Tags implemented

The escort website platform use tags for
REAL SELFIE and VIDEO profiles.

Rate and review

You can vote and rate
your preferred profiles.

Get notifications

Admin is notified when new profiles
are uploaded on the site.

Video integration

Vimeo / YouTube integration
directly on your profile.

Payment integration

Create and manage the pakages
payments metods.

How it works?

Let’s talk ;)

Our ESCORT PLATFORM TEMPLATE is a complete solution.

Create your own personalized escort website design and start to gain extra cash.

We will guide you to choose what works best for you and what is the perfect solution for your business.

Set Up Platform

Once we decide what to do,
we set it up.

You will get a tutorial how to use the admin interface so you can manage the profiles in the most simple way.

Plug & Play :)

We will publish the site on the

We will help you and guide through the process to reach your goals, to gain visitors, promote your escort template.

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Some Features that make our escort platform/design unique

Built for SEO, but in the same time fulfilling the real world needs,
our escort platform/design was developed working
close with different escort agencies world wide.

And we've satisfied all their needs in one complete product.

  • Live News

    Keep your clients in the loop with just a click. This function shows the latest changes on the profiles such as: new photos, phone number, availability/vacation status and the most important updates.

  • Selfie

    Profiles can upload selfies from their smartphones for a better engagement with customers. In this case the tag “selfie” is shown on the profile. Our advanced algorithms detect this type of photos and we ensure visitors that they see REAL photos.

  • Most Voted

    Users can vote the profiles. We've made sure the votes are real and blocking fake votes. The most voted profiles are visible in a special section.

  • Holiday status

    For a better up-to-date information and to make sure the visitors do not contact a profile that is not available at the moment, any profile can set a holiday status. The profile still exists on website but in a hidden way and will receive any notification you send.

  • SEO Ready

    Let us do our job. We will make sure you have the best results. Our escort template does all the things needed by the Search Engines to get maximum results. Just relax and watch how traffic increases. You will get also advanced analytics reports and insights on how you perform. If you don’t understand them, no problem we can “translate” them for you.

  • Fields customization

    All profile features like Eye color, Nationalities, Gender, Languages and anything you would like, can be added and modified by admin. Pretty awesome, right?

  • Super Admin is the boss

    The admin can change everything on the escort web design, adding or suspending profiles, custom field and tags.

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User / Profile experience

A real experience ready to be used...on all devices


If you have any question please contact us.

  • When can I start ?

    You can start today! Contact us and we can set up a meeting to better understand your needs.

  • To whom is addressed ?

    Escort agencies, erotic masaje and salons or Private Individual Man that wants to promote a local network of escorts.

  • I want an unique design.

    No problem, we can do it. Let’s have a meeting call and talk about what you like or what you need.

  • What information I have to provide ?

    An agency name, a domain (if you don’t own one we can help you), an identity
    (logo and colors, if you don’t have,
    one our team can help you building it).

  • Do I have to pay the entire solution now ?

    No! You’ll pay a small fee monthly as long as you
    use the platform.

  • I already have a site. What I have to do ?

    We can import the profiles if your site support this or we can
    insert them manually.

  • I want extra functions implemented

    Let’s talk about your ideas and make a plan to implement them. We are always open to new proposal.

  • I’m not so familiar with the platform.

    Our platform it’s a ready to use one. We can create a customized platform set up so it will fit your needs.

We will also support you with Call Support or Skype sharing screen.

Do you want to know more about the platform ?

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